Following the chronicles of former head coach Rick Pitino of the Louisville Cardinals and the scandal involving bribing and other corruption back in 2017, deception continues to be a trend within Division I college basketball programs.

According to CBS Sports, there are at least six D1 men’s programs that will receive allegations for Level 1 violations from the NCAA front office this summer. The federal government is more than likely to be involved in the investigation, after several rules continue to be broken around corruption in the sport.

Level 1 violations can be described as punishments such as scholarship reductions, postseason bans and even possibly losing the support with public schools from the federal government.

The NCAA vice president for regulatory affairs Stan Wilcox has said that two upper division 1 programs would receive allegations by early July, with another four teams to receive them by the end of the August, according to CBS Sports.

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“There’s even another group of cases that we’re still working on,” Wilcox said, according CBS Sports. “The main thing is that we’re up and ready. We’re moving forward and you’ll see consequences.”


Wilcox denied to mention one of the schools that would receive the allegations, and The Athletic’s Jeff Greer outlined that Louisville received a verbal warning from the NCAA.

There is a repetitive history of corruption and bribes involving recruitment and other shortcuts involving the sport. The assistant coaches from Arizona, Oklahoma State, So. Cal and Auburn were already found guilty of accepting bribes from Christian Dawkins, a business manager of a sports agency that tried to help impact players’ signings to their desired team.

The NCAA’s vice president of governance, Kevin Lennon said that the notices are inbound.

“You don’t get in the way of a federal investigation,” Lennon said, according to ESPN. “Activity was going on during that span that was within our purview; but now that the court cases are done, now we’re in a position where you’re likely to see notices of allegations going to institutions that have violated NCAA rules, etc. I think you can anticipate notices of allegations will be coming.”

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