The Baltimore Ravens entered the 2022 offseason earlier than they would have liked; they finished 8-9 and missed the playoffs. Perhaps another playmaker or two could have altered their destiny.

Alas, it’s too late for that now, obviously. But maybe next season a certain mercurial, occasionally shirtless, known-to-burn-a-bridge-or-three-on-his-way-out free-agent wide receiver could swing the odds in Baltimore’s favor.

Good news!

On Monday, one man who fits that description—Antonio Brown—made headlines by saying that he wants to play with Baltimore quarterback Lamar Jackson.

It’s true. When asked about which signal-caller he wants to catch passes from next, Brown’s response was heard—including by the QB himself, who responded with a s–t-eating-grin emoji.

Jackson is seemingly on board with the possibility of throwing touchdowns to Brown. (Then again, many a QB have said similar things prior to Brown’s act wearing thin.) It’s not the first time, either; the QB gave a ringing public endorsement of the WR in the 2020 offseason, saying he’d be “happy” if the team signed him.

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