Isaac Caldiero On How He Became The First To… by uSports

No matter what you’re doing, maintaining the proper mental edge is important for success. That’s especially true when you’re trying to conquer an insane obstacle course, so American Ninja Warrior champion Isaac Claderio knows a thing or two about keeping a mental edge in stressful situations. But in order to keep yourself in the right state of mind, you learn to quiet your mind and get to that state in the first place; it might sound simple, but it’s easier said than done. “I would recommend starting out with small amounts,” Claderio told uSports. “Sit down, find a nice peaceful, quiet place and just meditate 10 minutes a day. Get used to that routine of being able to focus and relax and take your mind off the stressful things of life.”

Beyond that, there are a few other strategies Claderio recommends to stay in the right frame of mind. “A lot of it is just learning how to use visualization and visualizing all your success,”he said. “Never visualize any failure. That’s what I would recommend: learn how to stay calm and stay focused and that’s a good base level.”


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