American Ninja Warrior champion Daniel Gil does not need extra motivation to train his hardest in order to succeed on the obstacle course. He is always excited to improve himself. These workouts, though, are dynamic and often unknown in advance, so adapting to these arduous routines requires an enthusiasm for tackling the challenges such exercises pose.

“It changes based on the season,” he said.” So, the months that we’re filming the, you know, whatever new season’s coming out, it’s about five sometimes six days a week anytime, anywhere from about two to four hours every single day. Now that doesn’t include extensive warm-ups, extensive cool-downs, all of my recovery and rehab training that goes into it as well, but more or less every single day will have a different focus so I’m not just doing the exact same thing every day because like I said on Ninja Warrior you don’t know what obstacles you’re going to get, you don’t know if it’s going to be a new challenging upper body obstacle, a lower body obstacle, you don’t know what you’re going to expect, so every day for my training it’s something different. Some days it’ll be like a upper body endurance, other days it’ll be like lower body like sprinting intervals, another day it’ll be at the ninja gym locally here working on technique, you know just getting that spatial awareness knowing what my body is capable of so every single day. I mean it’s something new, it’s always fun always enjoyable for me, training has always been a form of therapy so it’s my outlet in life. So nobody has to remind me nobody has to tell me to train I do it regardless and I think that’s also why I have such success on the show is because of that.”

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