The NBA trade rumors are now heating up after Philadelphia 76ers star Ben Simmons tweeted out a simple emoji.

NBA trade speculation is always the NBA fan’s favorite pastime. In recent weeks, fans have seen the ongoing trade drama involving Houston Rockets star James Harden and his demand to be traded from the team. Harden’s preferred destination is either the Philadelphia 76ers or the Brooklyn Nets.

The Rockets have been communicating with the two teams, trying to get a trade deal done. Concerning talks with Philadelphia, it had been originally reported that the team was not interested in offering either of their stars, Simmons or Joel Embiid in a potential deal.

However, that stance has changed as the 76ers now may be willing to offer Simmons in a trade deal for Harden. This has led to some pushback from the teams’ general manager Daryl Morey, who said “we are not trading Ben Simmons — he is an important part of our future.”

Speculation ramped up even further when Simmons took to Twitter to tweet out a single emoji on Friday morning. What fueled the rumors even more is when Morey himself retweeted the tweet. It should be noted that Simmons has in the past tweeted out the same emoji various times.


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