The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are the favorites to repeat as Super Bowl champions. The Bucs have an unchanged roster for the most part, and Tom Brady recently extended his contract to stay with the team. Brady has continued to defy father time and is still performing at an elite level. Considering the trio of receivers that Tampa has in Mike Evans, Chris Godwin and Antonio Brown, Brady should continue to produce monster numbers.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers Schedule:

  • Week 1: Thu 09/09 vs Dallas Cowboys
  • Week 2: Sun 09/19 vs Atlanta Falcons
  • Week 3: Sun 09/26 at Los Angeles Rams
  • Week 4: Sun 10/03 at New England Patriots
  • Week 5: Sun 10/10 vs Miami Dolphins
  • Week 6: Thu 10/14 at Philadelphia Eagles
  • Week 7: Sun 10/24 vs Chicago Bears
  • Week 8: Sun 10/31 at New Orleans Saints
  • Week 9: BYE 
  • Week 10: Sun 11/14 at Washington Football Team
  • Week 11: Mon 11/22 vs New York Giants
  • Week 12: Sun 11/28 at Indianapolis Colts
  • Week 13: Sun 12/05 at Atlanta Falcons
  • Week 14: Sun 12/12 vs Buffalo Bills
  • Week 15: Sun 12/19 vs New Orleans Saints
  • Week 16: Sun 12/26 at Carolina Panthers
  • Week 17: Sun 1/02 at New York Jets
  • Week 18: Sun 01/09 vs Carolina Panthers

NFC South: The Buccs are the overwhelming favorites to win the division now that Drew Brees retired. Their only other rival is the Saints, who are going to decide on a new starting quarterback. It should be a relatively easy path for Tampa to take the division title.

Matchups: Tampa has one of the easiest schedules in the league. The playoff teams that the Bucs have to face are the Bears (who likely won’t make the playoffs again this year), the Bills, Saints, Rams and Colts. Tampa meets the aforementioned teams once each this season, with the sole exception being their division foes, the New Orleans Saints. Fortunately for the Bucs, they get favorable matchups with the Panthers and Falcons (twice each), as well as the Eagles, Giants and Jets. Those are all practically automatic wins for Brady’s Buccaneers.

Overall: The Buccaneers are returning as the overwhelming favorites to win the Super Bowl. Tampa has an easier schedule than most others this season. The Bucs should win the division fairly easily now that Brees has retired. Even if the Saints somehow do win the division, there is no way that the Bucs won’t make the postseason barring a season-ending injury to Brady.

Prediction: The Bucs will finish first in the division with a 13-4 record.


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