On Saturday, the All-Star Yankee outfielder Aaron Judge made a ridiculous catch and eye-popping defensive play.

However, it cost him his toe in the process in their win over the Los Angeles Dodgers 6-3. On Sunday, Judge was out of the lineup due to “foot soreness” and did not suit up in their second win over the Dodgers 4-1. Now, Judge is considered “day to day” with a bruised toe and will be a question mark for the following matchup with the Chicago White Sox.

Losing Judge for another game would hurt, as manager Aaron Boone didn’t know if he could see more time on the injury list. Other than the toe, it seems he didn’t suffer other injuries from his collision with the fence.

“He was pretty sore [Saturday] night and this morning,” Boone said. “Although he seemed a little bit better this afternoon moving around, so we’ll see what we have today and the off-day [Monday]. See what we got when we get back [to New York].”

The former AL MVP Judge could be in line to get X-rays or further testing before their game Wednesday. The Yankees captain was given treatment before the Dodgers game Sunday but was not cleared to play. According to Judge himself to reporters on Saturday night’s post-game session, he was “feeling fine,” but he did bang his toe on cement running straight at it.

“That’s Judgey,” Boone said. “He always feels like he’s fine even when he is banged up. Again, we’ll see how the next couple of days unfold.”

Yankees pitcher Gerrit Cole mentioned in Saturday night’s post-game that the concrete ledge at the footing of the wall was “kind of dangerous.”

When Boone was asked by reporters about the concrete ledge and whether or not the Yankees would talk to the MLB or Dodgers about it, he said, “Hopefully that is something that they look into.”

Boone followed up with, “I think all these places try to do their best to make things as safe as possible. But to me, it seems like the cement at the bottom could be padded up a little bit. Hopefully, it is something they at least look into and consider, which I’m sure they will.”

After series wins against the Dodgers, the Yankees are eagerly awaiting the status of Judge for their next matchup against the White Sox.

*update, Aaron Judge was placed on the 10-day injury list (retroactive to 6/4) with a right great toe sprain, according to the Yankees.

The White Sox did have their first game against New York yesterday, as Judge was out of the lineup and the Yankees lost 2-3. Tonight’s (Wednesday 6/7) game will be postponed until tomorrow due to diminishing air quality from smoke coming from the Canadian wildfires. The Yankees will have a single-admission double-header game against the White Sox that will begin at 4:05 pm tomorrow (Thursday 6/8). Here is a statement tweet from the Yankees about the rescheduling of today’s game.

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