Washington Wizards leader John Wall has been battling a plethora of injuries since signing his new deal with his team to be the face of the franchise.

Wall is a five-time All-Star who averages almost 21 points and nine assists a game throughout his entire career. But Wall has received major criticism for the major deal he struck with the Wizards, and he himself has recognized the criticism.

“The only thing I questioned was ‘the worst contract in NBA history,'” Wall said, according to Sports Illustrated. “That was my lowest point because I was like, do I really deserve this money? Did I really earn it?”

Wall is set to miss another massive chunk of the upcoming season, and his super-max contract extension will kick in, with many of the league’s analysts calling it “the worst contract in the league.”


“To say I have the worst contract in NBA history, that’s all I needed,” Wall said, according to Sports Illustrated. “The ones that doubted me on the highest level I don’t speak to because I know my game will do the talking when I get back to playing.”

The 28-year-old is set to receive $38 million this upcoming season in the first year of his deal. That salary will increase over four seasons. He is set to make $47 million in the 2022-23 season.

Wall made the All-NBA third team back in 2017, which was his first career All-NBA achievement honor. With that honor, that made him eligible for a super-max deal with his team. He signed a $171 million contract last season, and sustained a heel injury, then a ruptured Achilles. By the time he returns after his Achilles injury, it will be 18 months since he has played in a competitive basketball game or practice. This means he will have some cobwebs to shake off before entering back into the fray of All-NBA status.

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