After an incredible block by Nuggets guard, Jamal Murray on Danny Green, it looked like the Nuggets were one stop away from evening up the Western Conference Finals 1-1. All they needed was to stop the Lakers, who didn’t have a timeout, for 2.1 seconds. Instead of that, back up center for Denver Mason Plumlee managed to lose Lakers’ star Anthony Davis, who drilled a game-winning three to give the Lakers a commanding 2-0 lead.

It’s difficult to rule the Nuggets out after they became the first team in NBA history this postseason to overcome two 3-1 deficits in a series, but neither of those teams had LeBron James on them. James looks like a man possessed in this series after it was announced that Giannis Antetokounmpo was the 2020 NBA MVP. A decision James was not happy with tweeting, “16 out of 101! Ok cool! I got y’all.” 16 out of 101 referencing the number of first-place votes James received.

I refuse to call the Nuggets dead after the performances that they have had this post-season, but this may actually be insurmountable after blowing a game they should have won and having to go against a very motivated James, who is one of the greatest to ever take the court.

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