During an interview on All The Smoke, a podcast hosted by former NBA players Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson, NBA Legend Allen Iverson produced a bizarre moment when he openly admitted to hating a media member who covered him back in his playing days and addressing the camera while he did so saying, “The way you hate me, motherf*cker I hate you too… you and your daddy.”

After some classic Twitter investigation, the consensus as to who Iverson was talking about landed on NBA media member Jason Whitlock, who was very critical of Iverson during his playing days, writing scathing articles constantly. Some quotes include Whitlock saying, “Iverson is a one-man, no-country Army, more than likely the victim of a dysfunctional upbringing that left him incapable of embracing the concepts essential to teamwork, winning and sacrifice for the benefit of others.” That feels pretty personal, here’s another, “He could’ve been the second-best point guard in the history of the game (after Magic Johnson). But the idea of being a distributor first and scorer second stood in the way of a futile, ridiculous effort to chase Jordan. At 6-foot, 165 pounds, Iverson had as much of a chance of filling Jordan’s Jordans as yours truly being the next Ron Jeremy.”



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