It was advertised as ‘The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever,’ Randy Orton versus Edge. That is a tall order to live up to, but how close did they get? The 50-minute match took place on Sunday during a pay-per-view, WWE Backlash event which saw some fireworks between the two. 

Although it might not have been the greatest wrestling match of all-time, it was really good. There were concerns as to how Orton would fight given his lackluster performance in recent years, but he came out firing. 

There were times where the match seemed slow, and that can be credited to the fact that there were no fans present to help fuel the action, but that is what made the match so interesting. Both guys utilized their signature finishes as the match wound down, but in the end, it was Orton who pulled out the victory with a punt kick as a finishing blow to Edge. 

Was it the greatest wrestling match ever? No, but it was certainly a really good one and fans have little to no right to complain about what went down.

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