Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors dominated on Monday night, as the Atlanta Hawks continued their west coast road trip.

After an impressive first half, the Hawks once again fell flat in the second half and lost 127-113, dropping their fourth game in a row. There are many takes regarding why the Hawks couldn’t continue with their impressive start, but in reality, the Hawks’ defense didn’t have an answer for Curry, as he had 10 early points for the Warriors.

Atlanta quickly responded with a 9-0 run of their own, calming their nerves and grabbing a 12-10 lead. Trae Young and John Collins both scored double digits in the first quarter. Young had 13 points in the quarter, including a pair of three-pointers and Collins finished the quarter with 12 points.

The Hawks continued to stay in a groove in the second quarter, and two back-to-back threes from Bogdan Bogdanovic gave them a 15-point lead. They continued to move the ball efficiently, attack mismatches, and play good defense. With that, they went into halftime with a 65-61 lead, and Young finished with 21 first-half points.

Sadly, the story of the season repeats itself, and in the second half, the Hawks stopped playing for the win as they went away from moving the ball, missing shots and settling on offense. They gave up 41 points in the third quarter, and 18 points to Steph alone, finishing with 42 points after three quarters.

The Warriors continued to bring the pain upon the Hawks in the fourth quarter and extended their lead to 21 points. The Hawks tried to fight back, but shots still weren’t falling, free throws weren’t falling, and Curry couldn’t be contained as he finished the game with 50 points and 10 assists.

After a hot first-half start from Young, he only scored seven points in the second half, finishing with 28 points and nine assists. Collins only scored one point in the second half, finishing with 19 points and six rebounds.

The Hawks will be playing the Utah Jazz this Wednesday night, we hope the Hawks can rewrite history and stop choking on the second half of the game.

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