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Vikings Sign Former Cowboys Kicker Dan Bailey Full view

Vikings sign ex-Cowboys kicker Dan Bailey (Wikipedia Commons. Author: Keith Allison)

Vikings Sign Former Cowboys Kicker Dan Bailey

The Minnesota Vikings signed Dan Bailey on Monday. Two weeks into the season, they dropped rookie Daniel Carlson.

Dan Bailey Joins Vikings

Carlson missed three field goals in Sunday’s game against division rivals Green Bay Packers. Two would’ve won the game.

After beating out Kai Forbath in training camp, Carlson couldn’t keep his roster spot. Mike Zimmer was asked about this decision Sunday afternoon.

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This wasn’t the first time that Zimmer expressed concerns over Carlson. Back in August, the coach said he was going to go for two-point conversions, rather than trust the rookie with 15-yard kicks.


Now, Minnesota brings in the second-most-accurate kicker in NFL history. In a cap-saving move, the Dallas Cowboys cut Bailey. He had spent all seven years of his career with them. He’d reject multiple offers before landing with the Vikings.

Assuming Bailey is healed from the groin injury he suffered last season, the Vikings have only improved. He kicked a career-low 75% and missed four games, but Carlson kicked just 25% in his two games. After reaching the NFC Championship game and making Kirk Cousins the highest paid player in football history, the Vikings look ready to repeat last season’s success.

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Written by Bill Piersa