UNC is one of the biggest names in college sports. The school is synonymous with Michael Jordan, the legacy of Dean Smith and five basketball national championships.

But recently, the school has decided to revamp their brand by designing new uniforms for all of their major sports. And while UNC’s football, volleyball, lacrosse, softball and baseball programs are not as talked about as its basketball, they still got some stellar uniforms as the result of the brand redo.

As the uniforms show, they have kept the same color scheme and design, but decided to focus heavily on the argyle look, which can be seen on the collar, pants and helmet of the football uniform.

But the coolest uniforms have to be from the men and women’s basketball team. Both simultaneously embrace the old and new design to create a fresh yet intimidating look.

While this is nearly on the level of the Browns’ so-called ‘color change,’ the school did enough to distinguish the new uniforms from the old.

“I think the main goal was to build on our tradition, and then come up with something that is exciting for recruits and current student athletes, and then gain some consistency across all of our sports and across the university,” AD Bubba Cunningham told the Raleigh News & Observer. “It’s really hard trying to get the same Carolina blue on all kinds of different product — whether it’s a paper product or clothing product or helmet.”

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