The Minnesota Twins are setting records. Just not the records that you want to set. With their 4-1 loss to the Astros on Tuesday the Twins’ postseason losing streak moved up to a record 17 in a row. “These guys know how to battle. They know what it’s like,” said manager Dusty Baker, after the Astros became the first team in major league history to win a game after reaching the postseason with a losing record. “They know how to win, and they take pride in what they do.”

After this revelatory stat, it does make me question if Minnesota is the most tortured sports town in America. There are a lot of candidates, to be sure, but with a baseball team that has been nothing but mediocre in a long time, and the Vikings being the most snake-bitten team in big games other than the Saints, which made the Minnesota Miracle so ironic. The Timberwolves have made it to the conference finals once in their entire team’s history and have only made the playoffs once this decade. I know that New York football and basketball have had a bad 2010’s, but I challenge you to find me another city with a more overwhelming case of sports mediocrity.

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