It is no secret that Donald Trump is extremely popular with UFC fighters. A number of MMA fighters  have openly supported his re-election campaign.

Trump is fully aware of his popularity in the UFC and has used that to his advantage for his re-election campaign. UFC is extremely popular with young men, who make up a majority of the fans. The UFC’s audience is made up of 70% men with a median age of 35 years old. The sport has a fanbase of over 42 million Americans.

Trump had a long relationship with the UFC that dates back to 2001 when he had hosted two UFC events in his former Trump Taj Mahal.

Trump is using outspoken MMA fighters as advocates for his campaign. Welterweight fighter, Colby Covington, has been outspoken in his support of Trump. He had promised a title win and that he would bring the title to the White House – Covington delivered on the promise back in 2018 when he won the welterweight championship. Covington has since made speeches at a Las Vegas fundraiser for Trump and was given a front seat at the presidential debates.

Other UFC fighters include Henry Cejudo, a Hispanic fighter who spoke at a Latinos for Trump rally, Jorge Masvidal, a Cuban-American is another Hispanic Trump supporter. Masvidal claimed that the Black Lives Matter protests led to his decision to support Trump.

UFC President Dana White, who supported Trump in 2016, continues to speak at his rallies.

For his part, Joe Biden has added his own fighters such as professional wrestler Dave Bautista and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to counter Trump and his MMA following.


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