There’s being a good teammate, and then there’s refusing to leave a game until your tight end earns his $1 million bonus.

Tom Brady is the latter.

Heading into the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ Week 18 game against the Carolina Panthers (5-12), Rob Gronkowski needed seven catches and 85 yards to earn $500,000 for each stat. The tight end notched the yardage incentive on a long pass in the third quarter but was one catch away from the other milestone with about seven minutes left in regulation.

At the time, the Bucs (13-4) were leading by 14 points and the game was out of reach—usually a time to bring in the backups and let the starters get some rest. However, Brady could be seen on the sideline saying he wouldn’t come out until “Gronk” caught the pass; once he tallied the reception, Brady exited the game.

Gronkowski finished with 137 yards on seven catches—and the million dollars.

Tampa rolled to a 41-17 victory and will now host the Philadelphia Eagles (9-8) on Wild Card Weekend.

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