Tiger Woods, 48, is grappling with a series of setbacks in his golf career but finds solace and hope in his 15-year-old son, Charlie Axel Woods. Woods is reportedly “frustrated” with his current form but sees potential in Charlie to carry on his legacy.

Woods’ struggles were evident when he missed the cut at the PGA Championship earlier this month. “It’s setback after setback for him, and it’s really weighing heavily on him,” a friend told The New York Post. “He’s really frustrated as he figures out how to come back.”

The legendary golfer has faced a challenging year, crashing out of the Genesis Invitational in February and struggling at the Masters in April. Ongoing health issues have further complicated his efforts to regain his former prowess.

Despite these personal challenges, Woods is cautious not to impose undue pressure on Charlie, who is carving his own path in the sport. This week, Charlie is competing in the Adam Scott Junior Championship in Lake Worth, Florida, a prestigious event featuring top junior golfers from the American Junior Golf Association (AJGA).

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“It’s almost funny to watch Tiger sometimes,” said the insider. “He gets so excited watching. If there’s a bad shot, he’ll wince. But he holds his tongue a lot; his dad was legendary but pushed Tiger maybe too much. Tiger wants to be a balance of pushing, but also supporting and nurturing.”

Woods is intent on fostering a supportive environment for Charlie and avoiding the intense pressure his own father, Earl Woods, exerted on him. 

Woods admitted to reporters that his game was not up to par at Valhalla during the PGA Championship. “It was a great week being here at Valhalla, but unfortunately, my scores did not indicate how the people treated me and how great a week I had,” Woods said. “Unfortunately, I hit too many shots.”

Woods’ next professional appearance is slated for the U.S. Open at Pinehurst No.2, his first at the tournament since 2020. Woods remains determined to end his career on a high note despite his recent struggles.

Meanwhile, the golfing world watches Charlie closely, recognizing the immense expectations placed on his young shoulders. 

As Woods navigates his career, he continues mentoring Charlie, hoping his son will carry forward the family’s golfing legacy with support and encouragement.

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