Skip Bayless is back to saying outrageous things.

In yesterday’s show of Skip and Shannon: Undisputed, the sports personality was asked whether or not Patrick Mahomes should be the favorite to win the most valuable player award after Jalen Hurts‘ performance last night.

“Right now, the more valuable player has been Jalen Hurts to date,” Bayless said.

And Shannon Sharpe did not take too kindly to it, noting that Hurts is the most valuable player only on his team.

“Mahomes is the most valuable player in the NFL,” Sharpe fiercely said in response.

The two continued to debate and brought up wins and losses, along with statistics.

“You’re blinded by the numbers,” Bayless said.

And Sharpe lost his mind.

“You talk about numbers and that’s all you talk about Brady [and] Jordan,”

“Now numbers don’t matter,” a frustrated Sharpe added.

But it gets even better.

Bayless then brought up the eye test and claimed that he doesn’t like what he sees from Mahomes.

Sharpe asked, “Are you Blind? Can you not see that Mahomes is a better quarterback?

And Bayless later asked, “Who has played better?”

Sharpe immediately screamed “Mahomes!”

Last night, in the Philadelphia Eagle’s first loss of the season, Hurts threw for 175 yards along with two touchdowns and one interception.

On the season, Hurts has thrown for 2,217 yards, 14 touchdowns and has a quarterback rating of 63.7.

Mahomes on the year ranks first in the league in passing yards with 2,936 and first in touchdowns thrown with 25.

His QBR is 78.6, which ranks second in the NFL.

Hurts is a great player, but not on the same level as Mahomes – even in an impressive season.

But this is not the first and likely not the last time Bayless has said something absurd.

How about when he told his former ESPN First Take partner Stephen a Smith that Andrew Bynum was better than Dwight Howard in the prime of his career?

And who can forget when Bayless said that Tim Tebow was a bigger box-office draw than Kobe Bryant – forcing Smith to talk off the set.


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