Serena Williams suffered another upset at the Australian Open, this time at the hands of Karolina Plíšková in the quarterfinals on Wednesday.

Williams Shrugs Off Australian Open Loss

Even while having a 5-1 lead on Plíšková, Williams still lost the match and another chance to match Margaret Court’s record by getting 24 tournament wins. Williams who has always looked so calm, dominant and overwhelming has had some trouble as of late getting back into the swing of things.

This recent loss just echoes the tough road 37-year-old Williams has been on following her pregnancy in late 2017. It was known that Williams had suffered serious health complications post-pregnancy.

Williams’ pregnancy resulted in several complications, which ultimately led to her blood clots being dislodged and traveling up in her throat. Despite this, Serena began her training again as soon as she was medically cleared.

And though we still see flashes of the old Williams during her matches, she can’t seem to find that edge she used to have to put her over the top. Since returning back to tennis on March 14, Williams has been in eight tournaments and has yet to win the whole thing.


Despite her loss, Williams was still very positive after the match, even embracing Plíškov and had this to say to reporters:

“The big picture for me is always winning.”

Williams not cutting herself any slack and still aims to be as dominant as she used to be.

“I’m not going to sit here and lie about that,” she said. “But it hasn’t happened yet, but I feel like it’s going to happen. Just keep taking it one match at a time, just keep soldiering on, I guess.”

Williams, the greatest female tennis player ever and one of the greatest athletes of our generation, still holds herself to that same level of play. Knowing there’s a process of recovery and that she wouldn’t be able to just jump back to her legendary status, Williams commented on the road ahead for her.

“It’s definitely not easy for me,” she admitted. “From day one, I expect to go out and quite frankly, to win. And that hasn’t happened, but I do like my attitude,” she added.


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