Laila Ali made headlines two weeks ago when she called out Ronda Rousey.  “And no woman could beat me period,” she told TMZ Sports. “No woman. No woman. Period. She’s too much smaller than me anyway. [Rousey’s] like the size of my daughter — my three-year-old.”

Of course, Ronda responded swiftly: “If she wants to take me up on that, I’m around. She’s retired and has several kids. I understand why she’d think that because she has a size advantage, but if you saw my last fight it had nothing to do with size or strength at all. That’s not how I beat people. So you can’t count having a size and strength advantage as having a real advantage against me.”

And after Ronda was asked follow-up questions by TMZ Sports, the matter is getting mainstream attention again.


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“Honestly, I think I could beat [Laila Ali and Antonieta Osuna] boxing too,” Ronda stated. “I’m an Olympic athlete and I would want time to focus on that entirely. But if I could go from Judo to MMA, why couldn’t I go from MMA to boxing?”

“I think that having that kind of belief in yourself is really important to be the kind of level I’m trying to be,” she continued. “I think a lot of people are really offended by the mindset that it takes to be the best in the world.”

She finished off by commending Ali and claimed that she was not offended by her comments: “She is a world champion boxer. That is the way she has to think.”

On top of this, TMZ Sports asked Dana White about the comments and he was very frank with his answer.

“I love it. [Ronda’s] actually the best fighter in the world,” Dana told TMZ Sport. “Laila Ali would be in big trouble against Ronda Rousey. Laila, if you’re serious, call me.”

He even further emphasized his loyalty to Rousey: “No disrespect to Laila, she’d be in the 14-second range.”

Obviously, this fight would never happen, but I would certainly pay to see it.

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