Last night, star tight end Rob Gronkowski guest starred on Top Chef in a skit that is perhaps too risqué for work. He does not curse or take his clothes off, but the NFL star and Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi throw some thoroughly cringe-inducing innuendos at each other. Everyone has been deeming this polish sausage challenge as thoroughly awkward and it is hard to find a better description. Especially since, the scene, filled with sexual tension, ends with some of the best dialogue seen on primetime television.

“I have a feeling you eat a lot,” Lakshmi said.

“Yes, I eat a lot,” Gronkowski stated. “I need a big sausage.”

“Me too,” Lakshmi said.

It simply does not get more awkward than this: best of all, the reactions of the chefs are priceless — as they all share a look of bewilderment. Needless to say, Gronk should certainly bring his talents to more reality shows: perhaps he will get us to watch a few.

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