What does it cost to move an NFL franchise more than halfway across the country? About $790 million for the relocated team, but $7.5 million for the other 31 clubs—unbeknownst to them.

It’s true.

Rams’ owner Stan Kroenke had said he would pay all the legal costs for the Rams’ move from St. Louis to Los Angeles. However, now he’s singing another tune as the city of St. Louis and NFL’s settlement has reached $790 million; he’s saying that he agreed to foot the legal fees and not the settlement.

Well, a report says the league has “quietly” taken $7.5 million from each team to help with the cost. We’ll save you the math: it’s a total of $232.5 million.

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The report doesn’t say whether or not the teams will get their money back if Kroenke does end up forking over the dough.

The Rams, of course, won the Super Bowl in L.A. last year, the city in which it has played since 2016.

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