After two years and two losing seasons, the New York Mets’ manager Luis Rojas has been relieved of his duties. The Mets administration said that “change is needed at this time.”

The announcement came on Monday, a day after the Mets were defeated 5-0 by the Atlanta Braves in their last game of the season. This game was the cherry on top of a dysfunctional second half of the season. Rojas and the Mets could ultimately only conjure a losing 77-85 record, which was deemed insufficient when it came time for the manager’s contract renewal.

Early on, the Mets were at the top of the AL East leaderboard for 90 days after the acquisition of the ace shortstop, Francisco Lindor. It was a promising start, and Rojas was receiving praise from fans and the administration alike. However, momentum shifted and injuries and other events plagued the team for the remainder of the season.

In August, the Mets began back-peddling after Jacob DeGrom, their All-Star pitcher, injured his elbow, and Lindor injured his oblique. The pitching lineup suffered and some of their elite hitters were struggling. It was a swift 180 for Rojas after the early discussion of his possible contention for Manager of Year.

Mets president Sandy Alderson commented on the decision. “The entire Mets organization is grateful for the dedication and devotion that Luis has exhibited over the last two seasons as manager,” he said. “He has shown a great commitment to the Mets over many years in multiple capacities. These decisions are never easy, but we feel a change is needed at this time.”

Rojas shared his admiration for the franchise as well. “I want to share such heartfelt gratitude to so many in the Mets organization for not only the last two seasons as manager but for the last 16 years in a variety of roles,” he said. “In each and every position I held, striving for excellence was our daily mission. I will always hold the relationships and friendships, developed over the years, dear to my heart, and am forever grateful to have been able to were the Mets Uniform for so long. We live in a results-oriented business, and am deeply disappointed for our staff and fans that we didn’t reach our goals this season.”


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