The latest trailer for the unnecessary Entourage movie has just dropped and it contains exactly what fans come to expect: Vince tries something ambitious, gets into trouble and the group has their own wild misadventures — if you cannot tell, I am still jaded by the directionless last few seasons of the HBO show.

Still as the last trailer showed, there are going to be a ton of celebrity cameos, including a few professional athletes. Now, it is not surprising to see Ronda Rousey have a bigger role than most: she broke through the Hollywood barrier by starring in last summers Expendables 3 and will appear in Furious 7  before Entourage’s release.

But on top of this, there will be cameos from Super Bowl champions Russell WilsonGronk and Tom Brady — who can also be seen in this summer’s Ted 2. On a side note, I think there is also a cameo by Mark Cuban in the trailer — who has appeared in the show before — but I could not verify.

Either way, expect to see even more athletes in the final product, as Entourage has never been shy to periodically throw in random appearances.

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