The NBA and the player’s association have announced that they will allow teams that are missing players because they are taking part in following the league’s Covid-19 protocol to sign replacements. This memo released by the NBA and NBPA went into effect yesterday and will last until January 19 when the league will reevaluate and decide the next steps.

The memo states that a team will be allowed to sign at least one new player for every two positive tests. A team can sign two new players for three positive tests, and at least three players for four or more positive tests.

The signings will not be counted against a team’s salary cap or affect their luxury tax payment.

This allowance will especially help teams, like the Brooklyn Nets, who are experiencing an outbreak. They have 10 players, which is the most in the league, in COVID protocol so they could sign up to 10 players and no less than three players before the January 19 deadline.

The NBA will also enforce an additional testing protocol effective on December 26.

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