Ex-NBA journeyman Kenny Anderson, who played in the NBA from 1991 to 2006 for a variety of teams, is happy that The Interview was canceled. For those who have been living under a rock, Anderson refers to the recent cancellation of the Seth Rogen comedy: the studio shut down the release after a hacker group, allegedly attached to North Korea, attacked Sony and threatened violence against all theaters who played the movie.

And the decision to cancel the movie has left people up in arms: with various celebrities condemning the cowardly act by Sony and the National Association of Theatre Owners. On the other hand, Kenny Anderson admits he was relieved with Sony’s actions: referring to Sony’s eventual financial losses, Kenny told TMZ Sports “the money’s not as important as human lives… “Sometimes it’s best to cut your losses.””

Now, why does this former player’s comment carry weight? Kenny Anderson was one of the players who visited North Korea with Dennis Rodman’s peace brigade.

Anderson, who actually met Kim Jong-un, told TMZ Sports “I was trippin’ when I saw the movie preview. Why would they want to ruffle their feathers? They already hate America.” And even went on record claiming that Jong-un treated him very well: though he did admit he was ignorant of the atrocities done by Kim Jong-un’s government.


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