It may have appeared to be a joke initially, but Mark Wahlberg and Diddy are actually gambling $250,000 on the Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather fight.

During the above clip, the two discuss who they are rooting for during  Saturday’s monumental boxing event. Afterwards Diddy asked, “You want to put $100,000 on it?” Mark Wahlberg quickly responded with, “Why so little?” The two finally agree to gamble $250,000 like it is chump change. Still, this little exchange seemed like it was mostly for show and not serious.

But Mark Wahlberg confirmed the bet, according to TMZ Sports. “He already paid, it’s in escrow,” the Transformers 4 star said.

When asked what the stars would do with the money, Mark said that both will donate it to charity. “To Manny’s favorite charity or Floyd’s favorite charity,” Wahlberg continued.

Tune in to see who wins on Saturday, May 2.


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