After Luis Suarez’s transfer from FC Barcelona to Atletico Madrid, his former teammate and close friend Barca legend Lionel Messi claimed that the player was kicked out of the club.

Messi wrote a long, emotional post on Instagram to Suarez after the pair shared six years on the pitch at FC Barcelona. Suarez and Messi had a close friendship off the pitch as well.

In his long farewell Instagram post to Suarez, Messi wrote “​We’re going to miss you so much. We spent many years together, many mates, many lunches and many dinners.”

Messi then criticized his current club’s treatment of Suarez. “ You deserved to depart like what you are: one of the most important players in the club’s history,” he wrote. “Not for them to kick you out like they have done. But the truth is at this stage nothing surprises me anymore.”

Former FC Barcelona player Neymar, who himself had problems with the club, commented on the post saying, “Incredible how they do things.” Neymar left FC Barcelona for Ligue 1 side Paris Saint Germain in 2017.

Another former FC Barcelona player, Dani Alves, commented, “Unfortunately, that is reality from a long time. It is only confirmed year after year! It’s not about winning or losing, we know that a lot, it’s about respect and they don’t know that!”

Messi himself had problems with the FC Barcelona management this summer after they refused to let him leave the club due to financial issues. The club that would sign him would have to pay FC Barcelona a 700 million euro release clause. Manchester City were favorites to sign the player and a Guardiola-Messi reunion could have happened. In the end, Messi decided to stay at the club after learning that he needs to take his current club to court, so that they could allow him to leave.

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