There were not high hopes for the New York Jets 2020 NFL season heading into week one with their trading of elite safety Jamal Adams and open disdain between coach Adam Gase and running back Leveon Bell. Gase is one of the bettors’ favorites to be the first coach fired. But week one went even worse than those doubters could have predicted with the Buffalo Bills thrashing them in a 27-17 run where they made Josh Allen look like Joe Montana and Bell suffered an injury.

Gase was upset with himself about Bell’s injury. “That play looked bad,” Gase of the second-quarter play in which Bell appeared to pull up. “I’m watching, and I thought it was going to be a touchdown, then he got grabbed. And kind of the way he planted and torqued, it looked really bad. I saw him grab his hamstring and he wouldn’t come out. We come in at halftime. I let him go back in there. I was worried about it, and we were eventually like, ‘I can’t put you in there. We can’t take a chance on getting more hurt than you already are.'”

It was likely that Bell would eventually ask to get out of New York if this season did not go well either by cut or trade, and I would say that this qualifies. He and Gase have already publicly sniped at each other through the media as Gase does not seem like much of a player’s coach. If Bell is out for an extended amount of time, then the Jets will have to rely heavily on backup and ageless wonder Frank Gore, which would be less than ideal.

The Jets host the defending NFC Champion San Francisco 49ers next week.

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