Lee Keifer bested former world champion Inna Deriglazova in Tokyo this past weekend, 15-13, to secure a gold medal for the United States in fencing.

Keifer is 27 years old. She is a four-time NCAA champion and a three-time Olympian. Keifer is currently a medical student at the University of Kentucky. The unimposing 5’4″ fencer has developed a reputation for being an incredible competitor in the sport.

This is Keifer’s best finish in the foil, where she placed fifth and 10th in 2012 and 2016, respectively.

“It’s such an incredible feeling that I share with my coach, I share with my husband, with my family, just everyone that’s been a part of this. I wish I could chop it up in little pieces and distributed it to everyone I love,” Keifer said of winning and receiving her gold medal.

Keifer attributes her win to her family, who has a history of competing in fencing and who pushes her to perform at her very best. “I just feel so much love and I have so much to give back to everyone. My dad pushed me from the beginning. We used to bump heads all the time because we are both so competitive and demand excellence, but here we are. Thank you, dad,” Keifer said after her win.

Keifer was undefeated en route to her gold medal, going 5-0. Whether or not she competes in the next Olympic Games remains to be seen.

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