In what was probably the weirdest story of 2014, the Kurt Busch break up has now gained some traction in 2015. It seems that the Nascar driver has really stuck to his story about ex-girlfriend Patricia Driscoll.

Originally, after the couple’s separation, Driscoll attempted to file a protective order against Busch and even filed a criminal complaint claiming he assaulted her: allegedly Busch in a fit of a rage grabbed her head and slammed it against the wall three times.

A claim he has denied because Patricia, he says,  is a “trained assassin,” a story he has now officially testified in a court about. And just to clarify, the specific court case has to do with the protective order and not the findings of the criminal case, which is still currently being investigated.

According to Busch’s testimony, he would have never been able to assault her because despite being tiny she could have beat him up. And has even backed up these accusations with stories that somewhat corroborate these claims: she has shown him various pictures of dead bodies and stated her tummy scar is from a knife wound.

But this is, of course, circumstantial evidence. The real gritty stuff is how he alleged that several times Driscoll came home from missions with bruises and injuries: one time in particular, she returned to their hotel wearing a trench coat. And under the coat she was in a ball gown dress, which was covered in blood and various unidentifiable matter.

This is still the craziest story of last year and 2015 thus far: everyone expected Busch to backtrack on his assassin comments or at least bring them down to earth, but he has now testified in court about his ex-girlfriend’s killer ways. Now, our first question is would she not be the dumbest assassin ever to get into a relationship with a public figure? And if she is a killer, why would she file these claims or even attempt to do a reality show? Just asking!


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