In the midst of Kobe Bryant’s injury, he decided to stop by The Tonight Show to reminisce with Jimmy Fallon. In 1996, Kobe was riding the Lakers bench in his first year and Fallon was a struggling comedian, but the two met while at a party.

And when the party ran out of beer, the folks asked Kobe to pick up brews and Jimmy gladly joined him on the beer run. So the two, who are brand new to L.A., attempted to stop and pick up drinks at the Pink Dot,  a grocery chain that solely deals in deliveries.

So after pleading with the guy to sell them alcohol, Kobe puts his license on the window and stated, “I’m a Laker.” Almost instantly, the guy let him and gave him a few cases of beer, which just shows how Lakers are treated like royalty in the L.A. area – like being a Yankee in New York. Kobe was only around 18 at the time.

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