Brooklyn Nets superstar Kevin Durant returned to the court this month after missing 23 games. However, that may not be the biggest storyline featuring the two-time NBA champion.

Durant makes his voice known on social media, which often results in him being the subject of many scandals or stories on Twitter. The latest is a feud he got into with former NFL tight end and current sports personality Shannon Sharpe.

Sharpe is known for giving hot takes on the biggest sports names in the world. He appears on Undisputed with Skip Bayless, where the two often discuss controversial opinions about athletes. Sharpe – an admitted LeBron James fan – criticized Durant for a quote that implies he is better than James because he beat him in back-to-back finals appearances. 

“Kevin Durant thought by winning the title, people would regard him universally as the best player in the NBA. Better than even LeBron James But very few people were willing to go there,” Sharpe said. “And then he’s like…Because he said it. ‘If LeBron James is the GOAT. I beat the GOAT twice, and hit the shot in his building. What does that make me?’”

There is just one problem; Durant never said what Sharpe accused him of saying.

“Y’all drunk uncle out here lying again. When did I say this,” Durant tweeted. Durant went on to let the public know that Sharpe should have done a better job as a journalist in his research because the quote came from a fake account.

“Shannon went on tv responding to this quote like I actually said this,” KD tweeted on Tuesday. “Gullible fans will believe it, or say ‘you was thinking this anyway’ it’s comedy at this point.”

The fake quotes began circulating online about five months ago. Although this was a mistake that Sharpe should have never made, he was not the only celebrity duped by the fake tweets. There were plenty of other sports personalities talking about them. However, Sharpe never apologized for the blunder. Instead, the NFL Hall of Famer has ignored Durant and even eventually blocked him on Twitter.

The war of words did not end there though. Sharpe went on to tweet about the fake account and called Durant out for joining the 73-9 Warriors. Then he called him out for joining Kyrie Irving and James Harden in Brooklyn.

Durant then replied by letting Sharpe know again that he was not replying to the right account. “Ole Shannon refuses to respond to me. Yo Shannon why are u using your platform to push fake quotes about me???” Durant wrote.

Durant seemed to take pleasure in noting that Sharpe ignored him and even posted a screenshot of the NFL analyst blocking him on Twitter. Durant jokinly wrote “but I’m sensitive,” in a tweet.

Today, it seems Durant got the best of Sharpe. Not to mention, following the exchange, the All-Star led the Nets to a blowout 127-97 victory over the Timberwolves. It was a good day for Durant.

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