Buffalo Bills’ Josh Allen suffered an injury in Sunday’s stunning loss to the New York Jets and it’s unclear if he will be able to play next week

Late in the fourth quarter, the Bills star quarterback was stripped and sacked by edge rusher Bryce Huff.

The replay showed Allen’s forearm bend awkwardly.

On the very next play, Allen under through a receiver and was in noticeable pain and stretched out his wrist.

And it was thought to not be a big deal after Allen nearly completed an improbable 70 yard bomb down the field, which could have won or tied the game late against the Jets.

But there is still some concern.

Sports medicine expert David Chao, who goes by @ProFootballDoc on Twitter, fears that Allen may have suffered an ulnar ligament sprain, or an ulnar nerve issue.

Chao in a video noted that Allen missed four games with an ulnar ligament sprain in his rookie season with the Bills.

“You can throw a ball with an ulnar collateral ligament sprain,” Chao said.

“But if you’re the Buffalo Bills and there’s even this much risk that he takes another similar hit before it fully heals it could become a complete tear.”

He further warned that he could need surgery if that happens.

So the Bills could be playing with fire if they rush him back.

Currently, the team is 6-2 and will play the 7-1 Minnesota Vikings next week, followed by the Cleveland Browns and Detroit Lions.

The latter two of the two teams have a combined five wins on the season.

And even without Allen, the Bills are a good enough team to manage without him for a bit.

According to Legal Sports Bet, the team is the favorite still to win the super bowl at +225.

More than anything else, the Bills need to prioritize the bigger picture and have Allen miss a few games if needed to be.

The injury is unfortunate, but not a disaster – at least yet.

NFL Insider Ian Rapport reported that Allen is “likely to be limited this week” and it does not sound like he will be kept out of the game against the Vikings at the moment.

But he was said to be undergoing tests.

The Bills practice on Wednesday and we should learn more about Allen then.





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