After the San Francisco 49ers stomped the New England Patriots 33-6, NBC Analyst and former 49ers quarterback Jeff Garcia criticized Patriots’ quarterback Cam Newton‘s dressing style along with his play. “You go into this game with two touchdowns, four interceptions, you threw what, three more interceptions?” Garcia said. “You get yanked in the second half, there’s nothing good going your way. Why are you dressing like that, to bring more attention to yourself? I’d be trying to ask the equipment managers, ‘Put me in your jock sock cart and sneak me in the back door and I’ll show up on the field and do the best that I can.'”

This certainly feels like Garcia has been thinking this for a long time. I do agree that showing up dressed like a summer squash isn’t the best look especially when your team gets dominated as the Patriots did, but at this point analysts should know they are in no position to criticize players, especially players who are culturally different from them, for anything except their play on the field.

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