The Golden State Warriors have won the 2022 NBA Finals, securing their fourth championship in seven years and silencing a lot of doubters. There’s no secret that the Warriors and Memphis Grizzlies developed a rivalry in the last season, but even after the season officially concluded, the exchanges are still going on.

The timeline begins with a tweet from Jaren Jackson Jr. on March 28 after the Grizzlies’ victory over Golden State. Jackson tweeted “Strength In Numbers” as a nod to the longtime slogan for the Warriors during their run of success over the last few years. Klay Thompson referenced this in his Game 6 postgame presser after the Warriors won the title saying, “Strength in numbers is alive and well.”

Thompson said during the post-game press conference, “There was this one player on the Grizzlies who tweeted ‘Strength in numbers’ after they beat us in the regular season, and it pissed me off so much. I can’t wait to retweet that thing. Freakin’ bum. I had to watch that. I’m just like, ‘This freakin’ clown.’

Ja Morant decided to add fire, promptly him to tweet out “got a lot of real estate,” seemingly amused by the fact that a team that the champions would even be concerned with a team they beat in the second round.

Draymond Green, however, continued the spat on Sunday on Twitter. Green, fresh off antagonizing the Boston media and fans, was quick to attempt to silence the young Grizzlies’ star.

“We traded that real estate in @JaMorant the property value was higher in Boston,” Green responded. Following Morant’s response of “I’m spinning.”

NBA Twitter got to work suggesting that the league take the initiative of scheduling the Warriors and Grizzlies to play on Christmas Day.

Morant agreed to the proposition but decided to put his own twist to it, suggesting that the Warriors play in Memphis, although the defending champions usually play at home, a fact that Green was quick to remind the young star of.

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