J.J. Watt continues his quest to be the nicest person ever. Watt has been all over the Internet over the previous weeks: previously, he made 12-year-old Nicholas Connors’ day by congratulating him for his stellar national anthem performance. But now he is doing something that will simultaneously give his charity exposure and help a fan.

He wrote an excuse letter for a fan to get out of work.

The event Watt wrote the letter for is called the J.J. Watt Charity Classic. Ashlee, the fan, bought tickets for the late afternoon softball game, but lives five hours away, according to the note. As a result, she would not be able to got to work and also attend the event.

So she jokingly asked the superstar defensive end, on Twitter, to write a note to her boss. And to the shock of everyone, he did.

“She purchased tickets to this sold-out event and she is willing to drive five hours to come support us and help raise money, which in turn is going to change the lives of many kids,” the letter from Watt stated. “So if you would excuse her, that’d be pretty cool.”

As for what her boss said, Ashlee has not revealed his or her answer yet. She just remains shocked about the whole thing.

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