In a pivotal and big game 7, the returning champs the Washington Capitals were not be able to pull through – they suffered a 4-3 loss in double overtime.

The former champs were not expecting a departure this early from the playoffs.

Every season teams try to improve while at the same time you try to match and exceed the expectations of last year. “You’re always trying to re-set after every season,” center Nicklas Backstrom said. “You knew that was the case, but you were trying to re-set and trying to play every game like normal. We would have liked a better outcome, but it happens.”


The Capitals felt truly stunned reflecting on how their series lead of 2-0 wasn’t enough to pull through and then having the 3-1 advantage and still not being able to close it out. To give the other team three separate opportunities to come back and close out the series is a recipe for disaster.

The Capitals position reminds me a lot of the one that the Golden State Warriors had on their hands. Coming off winning the championship in the previous season, the Warriors looked poised for another title.

They dominated their matchup and went up 3-1 in the NBA final until the Cleveland Cavaliers would rally back and win a Game 7 at Oracle arena.

Several players gathered with the media to give their take:


Even coach Todd Reirden’s responses were short and brief as he took a moment to address the media as well.

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