On Monday, the San Antonio Spurs and their head coach Gregg Popovich got run off the court following a 120-90 loss to the Golden State Warriors, but Popovich dominated the post-game press conference.

“I’m glad my general manager wasn’t in my locker room or I might’ve gotten fired,” Popovich stated, after opening the press conference by saying, “We almost got ’em.”

San Antonio’s head coach was presumed to have been referring to the Cleveland Cavaliers, who fired head coach David Blatt following the Cavs’ 132-98 home loss to the Warriors on Jan. 18, despite holding a 30-11 record at that time, the best in the Eastern Conference. Blatt had coached the Cavaliers since 2014.

When asked how to best counter the Warriors’ speed going forward, Popovich then added: “I have no idea. I can’t control their speed. You know it’s a hell of a team, really disciplined. Coaches got them right where they want them, really executing well but executing with aggressiveness.” Popovich continued by dishing on his own team:  “It was like men and boys out there tonight I thought as far as the toughness and the aggressiveness out there was concerned in every facet of the game. It was men and boys.”



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