As Under Armour and Reebok continue to push for the title of “world’s most popular sports outfitter,” Nike is attempting to restore the gap between the three.

Long-viewed as the creme de la creme in sports gear, Nike has lost out on some high-profile clients of late, including Steph Curry, but that hasn’t hurt the brand too much.

The makers of “the swoosh” have put their stamp on a new line of NFL swag that we find to be both fresh and practical.

From the replica jersey’s to polos adorned by the coaching staff, Nike and “the swoosh” seem to find the perfect combination of lightweight material and eye-popping aesthetics.

We have highlighted a few NFL DRI-FIT items for the summer to keep you cool as the preseason heats up.

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NIKE Team Issue DRI-FIT Polo

A perfect gift for Father’s Day. This Nike DRI-FIT polo could be worn to games or just for casual occasions which makes it perfect for dad. The polo remains extremely cool during the hot temperatures during the summer due to the DRI-FIT technology woven within.

The appearance is sleek, using the team’s color to dominate and is highlighted by white accents, midway up both sleeves.

Stay cool and look cool with this polo. Or get it for dad. It is marked down over $15 and it ships in one day.

NIKE Women’s Touchdown Tri-Blend Performance Tank Top

The NFL’s fastest growing fan demographic is not boys 7-13. It’s women. Some ladies like to be there for the celebration of a game day, while many others are die-hard football fans. With this DRI-FIT tank from Nike, you could be either.

The Tri-blend’s sleek design allows women to highlight those accents in their upper body and back, while providing much-needed ventilation for those hot summer days. This tank is perfect for yoga, boot camp, a run, or a simple visit to the gym in addition to being a comfortable “lay around” type of top.

Men, if you like seeing your lady dressed to impress than track this tank down ASAP. What looks better than a beautiful woman wearing your team’s logo?

The Touchdown Tri-Blend Tank is extremely affordable at just over $25 and it ships in one day. Jump on this before it’s too late.

NIKE Men’s Player Pride Name and Number T-Shirt

How much does a replica jersey cost these days? $75? $100? May be even more.

Two years ago we came to the harsh realization that NFL jerseys can sometimes be a waste of money. Between free agency and contracts that are not guaranteed, sometimes they make for bad investments.

Luckily we found a solution: The T-Shirt Jersey.

These Nike Player Pride Tees come equip with the player’s name and number and they are lightweight with the classic swoosh that makes every Nike item pop. At $24 you could by three for the price of one replica jersey and if the player gets traded, you won’t feel as foolish.

I picked up an identical Jason Pierre-Paul Player Pride Tee last season and I’m thankful I didn’t splurge on an authentic or replica jersey. Hopefully I can hold onto it for the rest of his career, fingers crossed.

This items ships in one day and it is a great gift for a friend, partner, colleague, child or yourself. Wear it on game day, at the gym, or to school. Everyone will recognize your swag the moment they see you in the Nike Player Pride Tee.

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