A postgame fireworks show turned dangerous in Oakland on the evening of July 4th. According to authorities, four baseball fans were injured after they were struck by bullet fragments while they attended a fireworks show following the Oakland Athletics’ win over the Toronto Blue Jays.

Police say that the bullet fragments came from outside the coliseum, however, the fans who were injured were inside the park. Following the game, 24,403 fans were allowed onto the field after 9 p.m. in order to watch the fireworks show, it was during the show that the fans were hit. According to a joint statement released by police and the Athletics, an investigation is currently underway, “The Oakland Police Department [OPD] is investigating firearm-related injuries that occurred on July 4, 2022, after 9:30 p.m., in the 7000 block of Coliseum Way.”

The police had arrived on the scene after one victim was named, however, they located two more in the ballpark while the fourth victim walked to a hospital following the show. Authorities believe that the fragments originated from, “what appears to be celebratory gunfire occurring throughout the city of Oakland.”

A’s manager Mark Kotsay said Tuesday that he believes that due to the holiday fans shouldn’t be worried about similar incidents occurring. “I think if it wasn’t Fourth of July, it would be more alarming,” he said. “Any time during the Fourth of July, I can remember this growing up, it’s never safe but people tend to do things that aren’t in the ordinary. That’s firing weapons in the air in terms of celebration. It’s really unfortunate that we had that happen here in the Coliseum and there were people injured. I know we’ve reached out to those people, From a safety standpoint, I think the Coliseum is a safe environment. It’s just unfortunate that on a holiday with the fireworks show that people were injured.”

The Oakland Police Department and Crime Stoppers have an open investigation on the incident and they are offering up to $20,000 for information leading to an arrest.

This incident comes on the same day as a deadly shooting in Highland Park, Illinois where a gunman opened fire on a Fourth of July parade killing seven people and injuring dozens of others.

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