This weekend it was announced that former Yankee legend Andy Pettitte would have his jersey number retired to Monument Park on Aug. 23. The highest honor for a former Yankee, placement in the Park is reserved for the retired greats, with plaques dedicated to Lou GehrigBabe RuthJoe DiMaggioYogi BerraPaul O’NeillMariano Rivera and more.

Petite played 15 seasons with the Yanks and amassed a 3.85 ERA, 256 wins, a .626 winning percentage and 2,448 strikeouts. However, it seems like one former teammate is not happy with Pettitte’s latest honors: former second baseman Chuck Knoblauch, who became famous for his inability to throw to first base from second, criticized the star and the organization’s move.

Of course, Knoblauch is referring to how Pettitte lied for years about his HGH use. The famed pitcher then in 2007 admitted to using HGH twice to recover from injuries, but forever denies using it on a regular basis. On a side note, when he claimed to have used it, the substance was not yet banned from baseball. HGH did not become officially illegal until 2005.

As a result of the tweet, his Twitter page has blown up with people criticizing or supporting his comment.

Honestly, everyone knows my opinion on allowing the steroids era into the Hall of Fame, so Knoblauch’s criticisms do not really bother me. At the same time, he is free to speak his mind and should not be lambasted for doing so.


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