A former NBA player who has played with Kevin Durant did not have kind words to say about Golden State Warriors superstar guard Stephen Curry.

This is Mike James, who currently plays in the EuroLeague, previously played with Brooklyn NetsPhoenix Suns and New Orleans Pelicans.

In an appearance on the Players Choice podcast, James couldn’t get himself to put Curry in his top five list of current active players.  

“Steph, how he plays and how he gets stuff off, it’s just kinda one-dimensional at times,” James said. “He’s not the primary ball-handler a lot, and for a point guard that kinda bothers me.”

Included in Jame’s top five players is LeBron James, Durant, Joel Embiid and Giannis Antetokounmpo.

He could not name a fifth player. 


But some fans agreed with Jame’s “one-dimensional” remarks, while others strongly disagreed.

“He’s right, tell me what else Steph does at an elite level except shoot 3s,” a fan tweeted. 

Meanwhile, one user responded and said: “His ball-handling, ability to finish, quickness, his off-ball movement (!!!)…Steph is one of the greatest PG of all time. You don’t get to that level by being one-dimensional.” 

“James [is] not necessarily wrong. You’d normally want a bigger, more physically dominant team to build around, and Steph was in the perfect situation with coaches and personnel to accomplish what he has,” another said. 

And others don’t consider James relevant enough to have an opinion. 

“Mike James’ opinion of Steph Curry is no more relevant to me [than Donald] Trump’s opinion of Barack Obama. I don’t understand why his opinion is newsworthy,” a skeptical fan said.

“Sh**t, I have League Pass and watch upwards of 300 games a season and I’ve literally never heard of this guy,” another fan tweeted. 

James last played in the NBA for the Nets 2020-2021, mostly coming off the bench. 

In his four-season NBA career, he averaged a .370 field goal percentage with 8.9 points per game. 

As for Curry, he finished eighth in the MVP voting in his previous season, averaging 25.5 points per game. 

He did, however, win the NBA Final’s MVP award after adding another ring to his collection during the postseason. 

The 34-year-old has won the MVP twice in his career and many consider him to be the best three-point shooter of all time. 

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