Social media has not been kind to the former three-time slam dunk champion and NBA player Nate Robinson. Robinson was ridiculed on social media after his surprising knockout loss to YouTuber Jake Paul on Saturday. However, boxing legend Floyd Mayweather Jr. has come out to show his support for Robinson.

Robinson made his professional boxing debut on Saturday against Paul. The boxing match was part of the  Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones Jr. card. It was expected that Robinson would beat Paul in the match, but it was Paul who came out on top. Paul won after a second-round knockout that left Robinson on the mat.

The knockout quickly shocked everyone, as social media erupted as celebrities and people made fun of Robinson.

Mayweather was one of the few athletes that came out to support Robinson after his loss. Mayweather took to Instagram and posted a picture of himself and Robinson.

“Nate, I’m proud of you and I will always stand behind all my brothers,” Mayweather wrote. “I will never kick my brother when he’s down. It’s ok for people to voice their opinions on social media, but no black athletes or black entertainers, especially black NBA players should make a mockery out of you. We are supposed to all stand with each other through the good, bad, and ugly. I’m here to uplift you and let you know we all love you and congratulate you for just making an effort.”

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