Autumn Calabrese Explains Her ’21 Day Fix… by uSports

uSports recently sat down with 21 Day Fix creator and Beach Body fitness instructor Autumn Calabrese. In the initial video, she talked about the importance of her easy-to-use nutritional plan. In part two of the interview, she talked about the workout plan and how it was built for everyone — busy or free, skinny or big, athletic or couch potato.

“They’re 30 minute workouts,” Autumn explained. “They’re seven different workouts, you’re going to do something different everyday of the week. That keeps your body from adapting and also keeps you from getting bored, so you’re going to stick with it.”

“[Each workout contains] minute long intervals with 20 seconds rest periods,” Autumn continued. “There’s a modifier. The way I wanted the workouts to be was that anyone could do them. So if you never worked out a day in your life, you could do it and benefit from it and you weren’t going to feel like it was impossible to achieve. But I also wanted somebody like me — who works out, who’s an athlete — to still be able to benefit from it as well. So you’re going to push yourself as hard as you can in that one minute interval.”

Now, a modifier in a video is different from most workout tapes that are filled to the brim with six-pack athletes. Here, there are athletes on the screen, but there is also the normal person to keep pace with. It is more about the inclusion than the exclusion seen in other exercise plans.

Best of all, if you do eventually outpace the 21 Day Fix plan, there is always the chance to switch over to the 21 Day Fix Extreme. It is for the athlete looking to get that edge, as both the dietary and exercise plans are kicked up an extra level.

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