Autumn Calabrese Explains Her ’21 Day Fix… by uSports

uSports recently sat down with 21 Day Fix creator and Beach Body fitness trainer Autumn Calabrese. In the first video of our three-part exclusive with the famous fitness guru, Calabrese talks about the importance of a nutrition plan and how her 21 Day Fix system “is not a diet, it’s a way of life.”

The 21 Day Fix nutritional system makes it easy for everybody to learn how to eat properly to ensure the best body: it breaks everything down into color coded containers, which easily explain how many times people should ingest particular foods.

“21 Days to make a habit, 21 days to break a habit… It’s a habit. It’s a lifestyle,” Calabrese told uSports. “You start to use the containers, you understand the amount of foods that you’re supposed to have and how many a day. For me, I’m allowed three purples — that’s fruit. I just know three times a day I need to have fruit in my diet… The green is your vegetables, I get four of those a day. I can eyeball it now, I’ve been doing it long enough. That’s what it’s teaching people, is you know how many times a day you should be having your vegetables, you should be having your fruit, you should be having your protein.”

As for her latest endeavors, expect to see the release of Autumn’s latest program, 21 Day Fix Extreme: a restructured regiment designed for the 21 Day Fix aficionados who want to up their workout. And stay tuned for part two of this exclusive interview coming soon.

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