Last Thursday morning, the Atlanta Falcons shut down their practice facility after multiple personnel tested positive for COVID-19. “This decision was made in consultation with the NFL and medical officials,” the Falcons said in a statement. “The health and safety of our team is our highest priority.”

With the pace that these outbreaks currently, it feels like there will be more rescheduled games every week at this point. While the NFL is unlikely to stop the season or enter any sort of bubble format, many have been calling for the league to add extra weeks to the season schedule as a place to drop any game that has to get delayed. So far, the NFL has been non-committal on that idea, but soon we may only be seeing five to six games actually played per week due to the number of outbreaks happening. As of right now, the list of teams which have had infections to varying degrees have been: the Jets, Patriots, Titans and Falcons.

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