In preparation for the MLB season, Facebook has decided to compile their mountains of data and release a map detailing what teams are dominant throughout the country. And two teams in particular control the map: the AL East’s Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees.

The latter anybody could have guessed, but the Red Sox, who has seen a franchise resurgence in the new millennium, has fans surprisingly scattered throughout the country. More interesting are the territories the two AL East rivals control: they actually dominate the entire state of Utah, which is a weird little tidbit.

Facebook, MLB, Facebook-Releases-Map-Detailing-MLB-Team-Fandom

Photo © Facebook Sports

On top of this, despite being two fairly popular teams, the Oakland A’s and New York Mets are completely outnumbered and do not own any section of the map. And while the Toronto Blue Jays do not control any counties in the USA, the team pretty much dominates all of Canada — minus a few sections with Yankee and Red Sox fans.

The other interesting tidbits are how the Giants and Dodgers control California — despite multiple teams — and how the Cubs clearly outnumber the White Sox — even though the White Sox is the only Chicago team to win a World Series in the last 100 years.

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