Can you imagine if Eagles fans were allowed to attend games this season? Philadelphians are ready to turn on their team if they blow a week ten lead and drop to 7-3. The only silver lining of the Eagles 0-2-1 start is that they won’t be getting pelted by batteries and sworn at by drunk guy with black-and-green face paint. But other than that there is nothing to cling on to if you’re the Eagles. On Sunday, they played a contender for the least entertaining overtime game of all time against the Cincinnati Bengals where neither team managed to score in the 10-minute overtime — and it ended in a tie. That alone is embarrassing, but it became clear towards the end that the Eagles were playing for the tie. That is so much worse.

If the Eagles can’t turn this around then the worry will stop being if they can win and it will turn to who’s to blame. Many have been pointing towards quarterback Carson Wentz who has put up a putrid 59.8% completion with three touchdowns and six interceptions. Not good. In his postgame comments, Eagles’ coach Doug Pederson backed Wentz as his QB. “No. You don’t go there. That’s a knee-jerk reaction,” Pederson told 94.1 WIP on Monday when asked what it would take to look at options at QB outside Wentz. “Carson’s our quarterback. We’re going to get it fixed. He is going to get it fixed.” The only problem with that is that Pederson might end up being the sacrificial lamb. If they can’t get back in track against the injury-riddled 49ers, then heads will roll.

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